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Some causes of soil pollution:

  • Runoff from pollutants (paint, chemicals, rotting organic material) leaching out of landfill
  • Polluted water discharged from factories
  • Oil and petroleum leaks from vehicles washed off the road by the rain into the surrounding habitat
  • Chemical fertilizer runoff from farms and crops
  • Acid rain (fumes from factories mixing with rain)
  • Sewage discharged into rivers instead of being treated properly
  • Over application of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Purposeful injection into groundwater as a disposal method
  • Interconnections between aquifers during drilling (poor technique)
  • Septic tank seepage
  • Lagoon seepage
  • Sanitary/hazardous landfill seepage
  • Cemeteries
  • Scrap yards (waste oil and chemical drainage)
  • Leaks from sanitary sewers

Some effects of soil pollution:

  • pollution runs off into rivers and kills the fish, plants and other aquatic life
  • crops and fodder grown on polluted soil may pass the pollutants on to the consumers
  • polluted soil may no longer grow crops and fodder
  • Soil structure is damaged (clay ionic structure impaired)
  • corrosion of foundations and pipelines
  • impairs soil stability
  • may release vapours and hydrocarbon into buildings and cellars
  • may create toxic dusts
  • may poison children playing in the area
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Q: What are the causes and effects of soil pollution?
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