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It's the first element in the Periodic Table. Hydrogen is colorless and odorless in normal conditions. Hydrogen is diatomic, meaning it is most often found as H2(Other elements that are diatomic are Oxygen, Fluorine, Bromine, Iodine, Nitrogen and Chlorine, Or HOFBrINCl, respectively) . The hydrogen atom is formed by a nucleus with one unit of positive charge, a proton, and one of an electric charge, an electron. The atomic number of hydrogen is 1 and its atomic weight is approximately 1.00797 g/mol. It is one of the main compounds of water. It's widely spread throughout Earth's atmosphere, yet it is only considered to be 0.000055% of gases in the atmosphere. It has three hydrogen isotopes: Protium, containing 0 neutrons in the neucleus, found in more than 99.985% of the natural element; Deuterium, containing both a proton and a neutron in the neucleus, found in nature in 0.015% approximately; and Tritium, containing one proton and two neutrons in the nucleus, which appears in small quantities in nature. It can be artificially produced by various nuclear reactions. Hydrogen is the main cause of one of the strongest bonds: Hydrogen bonds, present in Hydrogen Fluoride, Water (H2O) and Ammonia (NH3). As well, Hydrogen's chemical properties lead to its extremely low point of vaporization and currently unknown definite point of solidification.

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Hydrogen gas is flammable.

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Q: What are the chemical properties of hydrogen gas?
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The chemical formula for Hydrogen gas is H2

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What is the chemical formula of hydrogen gas?

The chemical formula for Hydrogen gas is H2

What describes chemical properties?

It reacts with hydrogen

Is hydrogen a gas or chemical?

Hydrogen is a gas. Of course, it's also a chemical. It's part of chemistry.

How is hydrogen abbreviated?

The chemical symbol for hydrogen is H. Hydrogen gas is H2.

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nitrogen gas and hydrogen gas

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nonmetals because hydrogen is a gas

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Hydrogen is a very reactive chemical element.

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Hydrogen is a di-atomic gas which is bonded by hydrogen bonds....

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Gas I am thinking

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No, water vapor is still H2O, a compound of hydrogen an oxygen. Hydrogen gas is H2, and element with very different chemical and physical properties, chief among them being that hydrogen is highly flammable.