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because depending on the condensation and the humidity of the air they can be all different sizes from really small to as big as marbles.3

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Not all water drops are the same size its fairly hard to understand why, i don't even know why

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extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large

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Q: What are the different sizes of water droplets?
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What is the shape of water droplets floating on air?

All water droplets in the air is different just like when they fall down.

Why can you observe water droplets on the surface of a chilled bottle?

You can observe water droplets on the surface of a chilled bottle because the temperature of the atmosphere is a different temperature to that of the temperature in the chilled bottle.

Why are water falling from hill looks white?

The water droplets reflect at different angles, giving the water a white appearance.

Water vapor droplets can become cloud droplets when the is reached.?

Water vapor droplets can become cloud droplets when the what reaches? dew point is the correct answer

What is defined as a mixture of various sizes of liquid droplets in the air?


Why do rainbows form in misty water?

When the water droplets are in the air, light from the sun passes through them, and because of their small size and refractive properties, the water droplets break the sunlight into its constituent colors of light at different wavelengths.

Why can't we see water droplets in the afternoon?

be cues it tiny water droplets

These form in the sky when water vaper condenes into water droplets?

ice droplets

What is the difference between primary rain bow and secondary rain bow?

Rainbows are formed when light is reflected and refracted around the inside of water droplets. When the droplets get to a certain size, the light is reflected an additional time, creating a secondary rainbow.The reason you see both a primary and a secondary rainbow (or even higher orders of rainbow) is that the water droplets which are reflecting the light have different sizes. Some of them are large enough to fit the extra reflection inside them, whereas some are not.

What includes water droplets and droplets from volcanoes?


What do water droplets from the air form?

water droplets in the air form rain which is part of the water cycle

What type of cloud is not made of water droplets?

Cirrus clouds are not made out of water droplets.