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typhoons,tropical cyclones,and hurricanes are all troublesome types of hurricanes

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Q: What are the different types of natural hurricanes that can cause people problems?
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What are some natural events you can cause people great problems?

,storms,tronados,Hurricanes,lighting, valcanoes,wind

What are all the natural events in an ecostyem?

hurricanes are one kind of natural event that can cause people great problems list as many other kinds as you can think explain how one of these events affects people.

Why are hurricanes and earthquakes natural hazards?

Because they are part of destroying the people's environment.

What are problems that hurricanes cause for humans?

It's a natural disaster. Lets look at the simple ones first. You're home is destroyed, people are killed, town is demolished. Second, emotional damage.

What are factors that contribute to people becoming refugees?

War and natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods or droughts.

What are natural hazzards?

Natural hazards are hazards that occur in nature and endanger the people living with in a certain area. Ex. Tornadoes, hurricanes, Tsunamis, and floods.

Can hurricanes cause earthquakes?

No. Hurricanes are atmospheric phenomena, while earthquakes can only be triggered by processes relatively deep within the earth.

What powerful storm can kill more people and destroy more property than any other natural disaster?


What kind of natural disasters would the people of Florida have to worry about?

Their main ones that they get affected by is hurricanes, tornadoes, and some flooding.

Who are people who investigated problems to your understanding of your natural world?


Can hurricanes injure people seriously?

Yes. Hurricanes can seriously injure and kill people.

Why are hurricanes usually named?

Meteorologists usually name hurricanes when it becomes strong enough. In very rare cases, hurricanes might be nameless. The reason is to avoid confusion with other hurricanes because there might be another hurricane nearby with a different intensity and the everyone needs to know which country needed to be more prepared and the hurricane's intensity may change. If hurricanes are always nameless, it'll get really confusing and we won't know which country needs to be more prepared and that's really dangerous because hurricane is a natural disaster and it can kill people.