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what are the effect when Natural Resources are not there

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Q: What are the effect of natural resources in the environment?
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How does solar power have an effect on the environment?

conserves natural resources

How does overcrowding effect the environment?

We overuse the earth's natural resources, meaning the earth does not have enough resources to support the growing population.

What is environmental and natural resource accounting?

Natural resource accounting is an systematic process of analysing and formulating the natural resource depletion. In other words it is an accounting for natural resources similar to profit and loss i.e. harmful effect to the environment and natural resources versus the steps taken or benefits prevented from the human efforts to the environment. Hence, human uses the natural resources and that is why is accountable for the sustainable development of the environment.

How do mineral resources effect natural resources?

the minerals are natural resources

Do natural resources effect where you live?

yes natural resources do effect where you live in your country

How does use of natural resources harm the environment?

Use of natural resources harms the environment due to the simple fact if you are using natural resources, you are taking away natural resources from the environment / planet, so therefore, if you take away, without replanting or replacing, yes, you are harming the environment.

What is the effect destruction of natural resources in living organism?

The destruction of natural resources in living organisms can have a negative effect on the ecosystem. destroying the environment where an organism lives can reduce the number of organisms in the area.

How did the native americanes of the eastern woodlands use the natural resources in their environment?

how did native Americans of the eastern woodlands use the Natural Resources in their environment

What are the effects of natural resources on the environment?


Does ozone depletion have a good effect on natural resources?

No, never. Ozone depletion could never have a good effect on natural resources.

What is the function of department of environment and natural resources?

To protect natural reserves and parks.

Does gas come from the natural environment?

Yes because it is made from natural resources.