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Clone Tracy

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Q: What are the names of the most famous tropical cyclones?
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Where do tropical cyclones usually hit?

Most cyclones hit the eastern part of the United States.

Where in the world do cyclones occour?

Cyclones can occur in most area of the world, and there are 3 main types: polar lows, extratropical cyclones, and tropical cyclones. The term cyclone also applies to a strong tropical cyclone in the South Pacific.

When do tropical cyclones develop?

Tropical cyclones develop any time from late Spring to lat Autumn, with them being most common during the Summer months.

What is the spatial distribution of tropical cyclones in Australia?

Most tropical cyclones in Australia actually occur in Chinatown. This part of Australia has dodgy air-conditioning so there is an extremely high chance of tropical cyclones to form in the poorly ventilated buildings of Chinatown

Why do tropical cyclones produce such violent weather?

Tropical cyclones have tremendous amounts of energy. As the storms move, they release the energy in high winds and rain. Most cyclones have the destructive energy of several nuclear weapons.

What is temperate cyclone?

temperate cyclones or extra tropical cyclones are most dominant over the north Atlantic ocean, especially during winter. they are much larger in diameter than that of tropical cyclones, but possess weaker pressure gradient.

Who one coast of India is most affected by violent tropical cyclones?


What countries do tropical cyclones occur in most?

Australia (Western Australia and Queensland)

Are cyclones most likely to be serious or severe?

Not necessarily. Many mid-latitude cyclones and weaker tropical storms are not particularly severe.

Where do cyclones occur the most?

Tropical cyclones are most likely to occur over warm and moist, (tropical) seas and oceans. they do move across seas and builds up, but when the cyclones hits the land it will slow down and will loose energy :) hope this helped :)

What month of the year tropical cyclones occur most?

it usually occur from september to november.

What month of the year do tropical cyclones occur most?

it usually occur from september to november.

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