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It is a rare earth element metal that emits beta radius.

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Q: What are the properties of Promethium?
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What is similar to promethium?

Promethium has similar chemical properties as cerium and other lanthanoids.

What are the physical and chemical properties of promethium?

After the Pauling electronegativity (1,13) promethium is a reactive metal but the chemistry of Pm is only superficially known.The valence of ions in solution is +3. Promethium compounds known: halides, oxides, nitrates, sulfates, hydroxides etc.

What is promethiums chemical properties?

Promethium has similar chemical properties as cerium; the oxidation state is 3+.

Is Promethium magetic?

Promethium is paramagnetic.

Is promethium flammable?

Promethium is not flammbale.

What substances are in promethium bromide?

Promethium bromide contain promethium and bromine.

Is promethium flamable?

Promethium is not flammable.

What is promethium odor?

Promethium has no odor.

Is promethium soluble?

Promethium is not soluble in water.

Is promethium a solid?

Yes. Promethium is a solid.

Is promethium a flamable element?

Promethium is not flammable.

Do promethium have odor?

Promethium hasn't odor.