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Q: What are the two main types of glacial drift?
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What are the two types of glacial drift are?

Till and stratified drift :D Did you get this from Portola MS in 6th grade workbook for Science?

What are two types of glacial erosion?

The two processes by which glaciers erode the land are plucking and abrasion.

Describe two basic processes of glacial erosion?

The two processes are abrasion and plucking.What processes lead to glacial erosion? Describe them.The two main processes that lead to glacial erosion are plucking and abrasion. Plucking is the process by which a glacier picks off rocks as it blocks over the land. The rock fragments freeze to the bottom of the glacier, gouging and scratching the bedrock as the glacier advances in the process of abrasion.

What do glaciers leave behind as evidence of their existence?

1) Glaciers carve fjords in valleys where they travel. A fjord is a long, narrow valley with steep sides carved by glacial movement. A fjord represents the seaward end of a deeply excavated glacial-trough valley that was partially submerged by drowning after melting of the ice. 2) Glaciers leave behind deposits known as glacial till, which are unstratified, poorly-sorted sediments. Glaciers move a wide range of sedimentary particles from small clay-sized particles to large boulders. When the glacier either melts or retreats, these poorly-sorted sediments are deposited. These deposits are known as tillite in lithified sedimentary rocks. 3) A mound or ridge of till (unstratified glacial drift) is deposited when a glacier begins to retreat or melt. As the glacier grows and extends, it pushes glacial drift at its front forming a mound of debris. This glacial drift is then dropped in place when the glacier retreats or melts which creates a terminal moraine. Medial moraines, which are formed by the conjunction of two glaciers, are also deposited as a glacial melts. Glaciers erode the sides of the valleys in which they travel. Therefore, when two glaciers unite (in much the same rivers unite), a line of glacial drift (medial moraines) from both glaciers is formed. 4) Glaciers leave scrape marks behind on the rocks on which they traveled.

What are the two main types of environmental pollution in Russia?

Air and soil

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