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  1. Sea levels will rise because of melting glaciers and thermal ocean expansion. This will flood many low lying countries and cities.
  2. The habitats of many species, including human, will become unliveable because of heat waves, crop failure and famine. If the species cannot adapt or move, they will not survive.
  3. Weather will become more unpredictable with climate change causing more severe and dangerous storms.
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Scientists predict temperatures will rise over the course of the twenty first century by between 1.1 and 6.4 degrees celsius, depending in part on the extent to which humans choose to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. They are also concerned because the sea level rise, predicted to result from melting glacial ice and from sea water expansion, is between 0.9 and 1.5 metres over the same period. They anticipate disastrous climate change, with new drought and flood patterns as well as more frequent and intense storm activity. This will not only have a serious economic impact, but also cause ecological damage.

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the earth will be hot.

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Q: What are three things that scientists say will happen due to global warming?
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Is there any evidence that global warming is responsible for melting the worlds glaciers?

It's logical. If the earth is warming, and scientists (and our own experiences) tell us that it is, then one of the effects of a warming atmosphere is that it warms things in the atmosphere. Glaciers are exposed to the air, the air is warmer, and so the glaciers melt. Therefore, global warming is responsible for melting the world's glaciers.

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Effects of global warming and how to combat it?

-Result in some living things not being able to adapt to these changes which will hasten species extinction lots will happen

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