What are toxic materials?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Toxic materials is a general description of anything which is poisonous or harmful to man, animals, plant life or the environment.

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things that are harmful to the body

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Q: What are toxic materials?
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Is class 8 material toxic?

Class 8 materials are corrosive materials. Some will corrode skin and are therefore considered to be toxic materials. Some Class 8 will corrode steel or aluminum, but not skin. Those are not toxic materials.

What does the toxic mean?

It either means that the area is contaminated with toxic materials, or a product has toxic properties.

Which is a drawback to using incineration to dispose of toxic materials?

The smoke that results is toxic.

What toxic components are used in the production on computers?

I suppose that today toxic materials are not used for computers.

Lichens are particularly intolerant of?

airborne toxic materials

What organ regulates toxic materials in the blood?

The kidneys.

What is electropeptide?

In the science of quantum dots, inorganic materials are the norm, however produced from toxic materials. The next step would be to involve organic peptides to replace the toxic inorganic materials in the pursuit of energy sourcing.

What does the signs toxic mean?

It either means that the area is contaminated with toxic materials, or a product has toxic properties.

What type of clothing should be work to protect youfrom unexpected or toxic materials?

anti-toxic clothes

Are Crayola 3D markers toxic?

"all crayola art materials are certified non toxic" so no.

What organelle protects all eukarotic cells from toxic substances or toxic by-products of the breakdown of materials?


What materials are poisonous?

Toxic materials are things that can cause ill health of some sort. Hazardous materials are materials that can cause any sort of undesired effect - catch on fire, explode, corrode, make you sick, etc. All toxic materials are hazardous, but not all hazardous materials are toxic. There are by far too many to list them in this forum.