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it is schemulan rock. this means that it formed on ridges and rifts, making it more fragmental.

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Q: What are unique feature of crystalline evaporate rock?
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Which kind of rock is made of crystals?

A geode +++ Not quite. A geode is a crystalline feature, but the crystalline rocks are generally the igneous ones, and minerals.

What is the difference between a crystalline rock and a clastic rock?

Crystalline rock is composed of interlocking crystalline grains, as in granite. Clastic rock is composed of rock or mineral grains which have become cemented together by the processes of lithification. Examples of clastic rock are sandstone and conglomerate.

Is a crystalline a rock?

no metamorphic

Who old is the crystalline rock?

A crystalline rock could be anything from 4,600 million years old to an hour old.

Is rock a crystalline solid?

no but there is such a thing of a rock crystal. does that make sense?

What is a very hard crystalline rock?


What is the major type of rock in the Caucasus mountains?

They are made up of mostly crystalline rock.

What is a crystalline solid-?

Crystalline solids are a class of solids that have regular or nearly regular crystalline structures. This means that the atoms in these solids are arranged in an orderly manner. Examples of crystalline solids are sugar, sugar candy, or rock candy.

What crystalline structure would a metamorphic rock have?

they have rocks and minerals

What 2 features of a rock help us determine how the rock was formed?

The crystalline structure and texture.

Would an evaporate rock be likely to have fossils in it?


In what rock stalagmites is formed?

Limestone - they are of calcite, the crystalline form of the rock's primary constituent, calcium carbonate.