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Changes in climate and increased temperature can have an effect on animals and their reproduction. It can affect the number and quality of their offspring. It can affect livestock's ability to grow meat and wool.

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Q: What biological effects could come from climate change?
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Can climate change effect narwhals?

Yes- they are accustomed to the arctic climate, they could not survive in warmer waters.

What year did climate change start to affect polar bears?

There is no body that claims that climate is yet affecting these creatures. They are still growing in numbers and are not endangered. The claim is that climate change could someday hurt them.

What are your opinions on earth's climate change and how it can affect the evolution of biodiversity?

Climate change could reduce biodiversity by reducing the populations of many different types of plants and animals.

What arguments could you offered for and against the removal for us to make room for new neighborhoods?

The arguments that you could offer against the removal of forests to make room for new neighborhoods include deforestation which effects the environment, climate change, and much more.

What could make the climate change?

if the weather was lower by the oceans and seas i guess

Could anyone please give me their viewpoint on future climate change for me to use for a school project and also a name of your choice thanks heaps?

the future climate change will be different

How does climate change effect Denmark?

There wont be much change. The temperatures could go up a little. And the water could go up a little as well.

Does Florida have winter storms?

Yes Florida does have winter storms but depending on the climate change. Climate change has a thing to do with temperature so, it has a big impact on are weather changing in Florida so the yes it could be possible that we could have other storms.

What might happen to the organism if the climate changed and rainfall increased?

If an organisms climate changed drastically enough it could become extinct, it just depends on the type of organism and the level of change, or it could mutate and assimilate to the new climate.

Why did the space program launch a chimp into space?

So that scientists could investigate the biological effects of space travel without risking the lives of humans.

How could climate change affect us?

if its too hot we burn and if its too cold we freeze

How do sun spots and solar flares show evidence for climate change?

They don't. Climate change occurs on the Earth. Sun spots and solar flares occur on the Sun. The Sun heating up could cause a climate change on the Earth, but sunspots and solar flares don't really have much to do with that.