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Only the OH bond is polar. The others are not.

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Q: What bonds are polar F-F O-O O-H H-H?
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What are CH and OH bonds?

Ch and OH bonds are covalent in nature. Ch bond is non -polar while OH bond is polar covalent bond.

How do you determine the bond type of H2O2 What is the formula Is it polar or nonpolar covalent?

Hydrogen peroxide has both polar covalent bonds (-OH bonds) and non polar covalent bonds (O-O bond).

Does sugar have polar bonds?

Yes, sugars have a no of 'OH' groups and bond between 'O' and 'H' is a polar bond.

Is ascorbic acid polar or nonpolar?

Polar. I just answered this question on Mastering chemistry.

In terms of bonding why does ethanol and water miscible?

The polar group -OH of ethanol is bonded to water by hydrogen bonds.

What is more polar aspirin or salicylic acid?

Salicylic acid i would think Look at both their structures; salicylic acid has more polar -OH bonds

Why is DNA polar?

Yes, nucleotides are polar. Nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA and are made up of 3 things - a phosphate group (huge indication that it's polar, it has a negative charge of -3), a 5 carbon sugar (it has polar OH hydroxyl groups) and a nitrogen base (not polar). Overall, the entire nucleotide together is polar.

Which bonds in calcium hydroxide are ionic and covalent?

The Ca and OH bond is an ionic one (i.e. the Ca2+ 2(OH-)) and the O-H bond is a Polar Covalent bond

Is OH polar or non polar?


What intermolecular force is benzoic acid?

Benzoic acid has an OH group which is polar, so it can form hydrogen bonds.

Is ethyl acetate polar?

Acetic acid is polar because it is asymmetrical meaning that dipole moment does not get cancel.

Is sucrose an organic molecule?

AnswerYes.See the Related Questions link to the left for more information about how to determine if any molecule is polar or not.Yes, Sucrose is a polar molecule because the formula is C12H22O11 and any formula with a single Hydrogen molecule, or a single Oxygen molecule is polar. It is held together with dipole-dipole forces.