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What is available to eat in the rainforest depends on which rainforest you're talking about. Fruits, like figs, grow wild in rainforests all over the world. Other fruits that you might find include bananas, papaya, and mangoes.

Edible animals include birds, rats, snakes, some lizards (some are simply too tough to eat, although the tail can still be good in those cases), wild pigs, and monkeys.

Edible insects include ants with small heads (big headed ones can have an excruciating bite and sting), as well as beetle larvae which can be found in rotting wood. When it comes to insects, don't eat them if they are colorful, and, except in the case of small headed ants, don't eat them if they are just hanging around in the open (insects usually only do that if they are poisonous and thus don't have predators).

Of course, you should only hunt these animals in the wild if your life depends on it.

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Q: What can you eat in the rainforest?
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