What causes a shape of a cloud?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What causes a shape of a cloud?
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What causes the shape of a cloud?


What is a cloud shape?

cloud can shape in different ways by air Ex: mushroom, dragon, plane if you see a cloud and it looks like something that is a cloud shape

What shape are stratus clouds?

cloud shape

What causes a cumulonimbus cloud?

What causes a cumulonimbus cloud is the cold and warm fronts that colided.

What is an electron cloud shaped liked?

The shape of an electron cloud depends on the energy sublevel. Each electron cloud is different, so there is no definitive shape.

How do tornadoes get their funnel cloud shape?

The funnel cloud forms when the tornado pulls in moist air and the pressure drop inside the tornado cools the air and causes condensation. The funnel shape is due the fact that air at higher altitudes is generally cooler, which allows more of the moisture to condense, resulting in a cloud that is wider at the top than a t the bottom.

What causes Steady rain?

The formation of a Nimbostratus cloud otherwise known as Nimbus cloud causes steady rain. This type of cloud is 2,000 meters in thickness.

What shape is a cirrus cloud?

thin and wispy

What does a rabbit shape in a cloud mean?


What shape is a magellanic cloud galaxie?

The large magellanic cloud galaxy has an irregular shape. It does not look like spiral and elliptical galaxies shown in pictures.

What movement of air inside a storm cloud causes parts of the cloud to become what?


What type of cloud causes thunderstorms?