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mining activity can be a cause...

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Q: What causes groundwater pollution by arsenic?
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What has the author M A Rychlo written?

M. A. Rychlo has written: 'The arsenic papers' -- subject(s): Arsenic, Cancer, Contamination, Drinking water, Groundwater, Pollution, Toxicology

Is melanosis disease caused by fluride pollution or arsenic pollution or cadmium pollution?

arsenic pollution

What has the author Farooque Ahmed written?

Farooque Ahmed has written: 'Development of community based arsenic & iron removal unit for rural water supply system' -- subject(s): Arsenic removal, Arsenic contents, Purification, Water, Drinking water, Groundwater, Toxicology, Arsenic, Pollution

How can a lethal dosage of Arsenic suddenly be released into a river?

The Arsenic in the groundwater is of natural origin, and is released from the sediment into the groundwater owing to the anoxic conditions of the subsurface. Arsenic in a river however is mainly due to calculated release or accidents at chemichal plants using it for various purposes.

What has the author Jean J Fried written?

Jean J. Fried has written: 'Groundwater pollution' -- subject(s): Groundwater, Pollution

Which is not a major source of groundwater pollution?


What is groundwater and why is groundwater pollution the most likely environmental danger of landfills?

Groundwater, simply, is the water beneath the surface of the ground.

What kind of water pollution is the hardest to track back to its source?

Groundwater pollution.

What foods contain arsenic?

Some fish and seafood contain high amounts of arsenic.This organic type of arsenic is much less harmful to humans than inorganic arsenic from groundwater

What is groundwater contamination?

groundwater is water found below the ground. In many countries such as the UK, Nambia and Bangladesh, groundwater is a major water source for the population. Contamination of groundwater then, is the pollution of this water which often has major ramifications for a population. Major contaminants are nitrogenous fertilizers, and heavy metals found in the soil or rocks. Chalk and even certain types of plants have been used to combat groundwater contamination. Water hyacinth, for example, a plant found in Bangladesh was used to decrease the amounts of arsenic found in the groundwater in that country.

What role does population growth play in groundwater pollution?

more people, more pollution

Is groundwater a bad source of freshwater?

yes pollution