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the amount of water in clouds

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Q: What causes it to rain in one area and no rain down the road?
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How is precipitation dangerous?

Precipitation includes rain and snow. Too much rain causes flooding, and too much snow causes road blockages and paralysis. There are also other dangerous types of precipitation such as freezing rain, which is often known to bring down power lines by encasing them in heavy ice, and which creates very dangerous driving conditions by making the roads slippery.

You are driving In an area where rain has pooled on the road and you have driven out of the water you should?

Test your brakes slightly after you are out of the water

What causes a 2001 Lincoln ls to run hot?

What causes 2001 to run hot while going down the road

What causes a vehicle to stall while driving down the road?

For starters change the fuel filter

What is real flood?

Localised flooding is when heavy rain causes a stream to overflow in a dip in the road, making travel over the dip difficult or impossible. Therefore, a real flood is (I suspect) a large area of a river's flood plain to be covered in water making travel impossible over a wide area.

When is rain covered-road most slippery?

The first few minutes of the rain are the most dangerous. The rain causes the oils and contaminants in the road to lift to the surface. You are not only driving on water, but water mixed with these oils. well... when covered by a film of liquid sufficient enough to reduce the coefficient ecstatic friction between the tyre and the road to essentially zero, but not so deep as to introduce a new source of friction

How does road salt get into groundwater?

The salt dissolves which causes it to evaporate then it melts down and it becomes in the ground, which is in the groundwater.

Does rain have any dangers?

Yes. Excessive rain can lead to flooding which, worldwide, is one of the most common causes of weather-related death. In areas with steep slopes too much rain can trigger landslides. Heavy rain reduces visibility, and it is possible to lose traction on a wet road, which can make driving dangerous.

When is the road most slippery due to rain?

it's when it begins to rain. When it sprinkles!

Is there water on the road in the rain?

Um, yes. When it rains the road is usually wet.

How can you use torrential in a sentence?

Torrential rain outside the windows of the flat.

The road is most slippery A. after a long rain. B. when it is new. C. during the first half hour of the rain.?

The road is most slippery __________ A. after a long rain. B. when it is new. C. during the first half hour of the rain.