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The Earth's inner core reaches temperatures that are at times greater than 9000°F. What causes this layer to remain solid despite the high temperature?

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thats not an answer thats a question

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Q: What causes this layer to remain solid despite the high temperature?
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The ozone layer causes a temperature increase in the?


What causes the temperature variation in the stratosphere?

The ozone layer

Can the ozone layer cause global warming?

Ozone depletion causes global warming. This then causes global temperature to change.

How is ozone depletion affecting the weather?

Ozone depletion causes holes in the layer. It increases the temperature of the earth.

If the depth of the layer between 1000mb and 500mb is increasing with time if the surface temperature likely to be increasing or decreasing?

Assuming the depth of the layer is restricted to between 1000mb and 500mb, and increasing with time, it is almost certain that the surface temperature will remain constant, thus not increasing or descreasing.

What is the principal cause of the ozone layer that changes the global climate?

Ozone depletion causes global warming. This can then change the global temperature.

Is the ozone layer's temperature the same as the stratosphere?

The temperature of ozone layer is same as stratosphere. It is because ozone layer is in stratosphere.

How temperature effects depletion layer width?

as the temperature increases the width of depletion layer decreases

What is a themos flask?

It's a container that keeps liquid at the same temperature despite the surrounding temperature, buy minimising the amount of heat transfer from inside to outside. It uses a gap between an inner and outer vessel, that acts as an insulating layer.

Which layer in the Earth is the coolest in temperature?

The crust is the coolest in temperature

When does temperature occur?

A layer in the atmosphere in which temperature increases with altitude.

Why does the kind of gas in each layer affect the temperature of that layer?

yes, each layer has their own.