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climatologists thinks gasses is warming the earth

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Q: What do climatologists believe is warming the earth?
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How confident are scientists about climate change?

Nearly all climatologists believe that mankind's activities are warming the planet. They cannot be confident about exactly what will happen as it's too difficult to predict with certainty,

Who are the Earth scientists who study the atmosphere are called?

They are called climatologists.

Why globe warming not getting addressed poses to the future of the earth?

because some people dont believe in global warming

What is global warming and why do most people believe in it?

Global warming is the serious and rapid warming of the earth that has occurred in the last 100 years. Most people believe in it because science has shown that it is happening and people understand why it is happening.

How Many scientists don't believe in global warming?

Not many. Most (97% of) climate scientists agree that the earth is warming and that humans are causing global warming by burning fossil fuels and cutting down forests.

Can being green help global warming?

Yes by cleaning the earth, takes away pollution. And the pollution is what's causing global warming. But just to say, I don't believe in global warming. Because THE LORD promised he wouldn't flood the Earth again.

What are facts presented by those who believe in global warming?

Those who believe in global warming state that the release of carbons emissions from cars and factories will cause damage to the Earth's ozone layer. They argue that this will cause the Earth to slowly heat up over several years.

What do scientists believe is happening to the earth because of the greenhouse effect and pollution?

Scientists believe that global warming is happening to the earth because of the greenhouse effect and carbon dioxide pollution in the atmosphere.

How has global warming helped the earth?

Global warming has not helped the earth, it has harmed the earth.

What is the name giving to the gradual warming of the earth?

The name given to the gradual warming of the Earth is "Global Warming."

What is the gradual warming of the earth called?

Global Warming

Where is the Earth Affected by Global Warming?

Global Warming can affectthe Earth in many ways and everywhere!