What do rivers Carry?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Rock sediment and sometimes trash

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Q: What do rivers Carry?
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What is the difference between whitewater rivers and black water rivers?

Whitewater rivers carry higher amounts of sediments than blackwater rivers. Blackwater rivers carry higher amounts or organics than whitewater rivers.

Do tributaries carry water into rivers?

Yes they do.

Why is the land around the TrigisEuphratesand Nile Rivers fertile?

because the rivers carry silt and fish

What do the rivers carry to the sea?

Stone, sand , and fertilize

Do fast rivers carry more sedimates?


Do slow rivers carry more sediments?


What kind of river carry object?

Young rivers.

Carry medium sized objects?

old rivers

Do young rivers Carry large objects?


Did the Tigris and Euphrates rivers carry silt?


What is the name of rivers that carry water to a major river?

A tibutary

Do rivers carry gallons of water?

Yes. Some rivers can hold millions maybe billions of gallons of water