What do you call the center of a seismic wave?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What do you call the center of a seismic wave?
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What can locate a seismic wave?

A seismograph can locate a seismic wave.

What seismic wave causes the most damage?

Seismic wave

Why don't we call tsunamis ''seismic waves''?

Because a seismic wave is something else. Seismic waves are waves sent through the earth as part of the earthquake itself. A tsunami is an ocean wave generated by water being displaced.

What type of wave is the fastest?

The fastest wave is the electromagnetic wave. Of the seismic waves, the P-wave is the fastest seismic wave.

How do you stop a seismic wave?

You need a shotgun and shoot the wave and that's how you stop a seismic wave

What does the center of each earthquake circle represent?

It represent the seismic wave focus centerThe center of each circle is a seismograph's location.

Kind of wave released during an wave?

Earthquake waves are called seismic waves.

Are shear waves and seismic waves the same?

A shear wave is a type of seismic wave.

Which type of a wave is a surface wave?

a seismic wave

Which earthquake wave is not a seismic wave?

the sound wave

Can there be a seismic wave without having an earthquake?

It is possible to have a seismic wave without having an earthquake. Any wave moving through the ground is a seismic wave, and all earthquakes are seismic waves. But seismic waves can be created by volcanic action, landslides, meteor strikes or the like. Though all earthquakes are seismic waves, not all seismic waves are earthquakes.

What is a seismic wave that causes particules of rock to vibrate in the same direction which the wave is moving?

That would be a P-wave or Primary wave which is a longitudinal seismic wave.