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You get a really big explosion. Sulfur mixed with water is BANG!!!

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Q: What do you get if you mix water sulfur copper and iron?
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What do you get if you mix copper and iron?

When you mix copper and iron you will get Bronze

What happends when you mix copper II sulfate with iron?

if its a mixture of copper ii sulfate and water first if you mix it with iron you will get a green liquid

What can you produce if you mix sulfur and iron?

Iron sulphide

What do you call an iron and sulfur mix?

iron sulphide

What will happen if you mix iron sulfur mixture and hydrochloric acid?

Well, if we mix iron sulfur mixture and hydrochlonic acid, only the iron reacts.

When you mix the iron and sulfur what is happening to the observe?

its vibrating

What word equation do you get if you mix iron to copper sulphate?

The iron will displace the copper as it is more reactive. here's the equation: iron + copper sulphate = iron sulphate +copper

What happens when sulfur and iron powders mix?

physical change

What happens when you mix copper sulphate and iron together?

iron sulphate will be created

What distinguishes a compound like copper sulfide from an ordinary mixture of copper powder and sulfur?

Copper Sulfide is a wholly different chemical from copper and sulfur, and thus shows different characteristics and is not dividable by physical means, while a mixture of copper and sulfur powder is just a physical mix.

What type of solution is formed when you mix sulfur powder and water?

No solution, as sulfur is not soluble in water.

What is your observation when you mix a small amount of iron fillings and sulfur powder in a piece of paper and observe under a magnifying lens?

We can observe small particles of iron and sulfur.

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