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You give Tylenol, then 4 hours later, for the next dose, give them Motrin, and so on, until the temperature is gone. It's best to go back and forth like that so they don't get used to it.

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Q: What do you give a baby when it has high temperature?
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Is it good when baby's temperature is high to wash him?

No it is not good to give the baby a bath when he has a temperature you get a cool wash cloth that will help with the baby's temp!then you give the baby a warm bottle of formula or milk either way works just don't give him alot that will brind his temp up alot!

What to do with high temperature in 15 month baby?

Take the baby to the doctor

What properties give water such a high specific temperature?

The polar properties of water give it such a high specific temperature.

What you have to do when baby get high fever?

with a temperature that high you should probably seek medical attention. It depends how old your baby is - make sure they are getting plenty of fluids (water as well as milk) and keep them cool. Give them an infant paracetamol but check they are old enough to have such medicine and don't be tempted to give them more than the recommended dose.

What is too high of a temperature for a newborn baby?

Anything above 98.6 degrees (Fahrenheit).

What to do temperature is 102.1 in a baby?

give them Tylenol if dosent go down take them to er

Which conditions of pressure and temperature would give the most accurate value of Mr?

Its high temperature and low pressure

What is to high for temperature for pregnancy?

If you are running any degree of temperature over 100 F While pregnant you should go in to see your doctor. Fever can be dangerous to your unborn baby if it gets to high.

Is a baby temperature 94.1 normal?

Is 94.1 normal temperature for baby

Why does the sun give of energy?

The high temperature and pressure in the Sun's interior causes nuclear fusion.

What is considered a high temperature for a baby?

Normal body temperature for a healthy baby is between 97 and 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. It's best to call a doctor if you're worried. Never hurts to be careful.

Why does heat unevenly?

High temperature High temperature