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For Potential hurricane conditions, having lived thru three of the largest ever to landfall in the U>S>, one needs a small generator but the bigger the better, lots of non-perishable quick-fix food stuffs, lots of potable water, all the extra gasoline as possible, heavy duty first-aid kits, flashlights, candles, a place to cook outdoors. A generator will keep small appliances running for ice, refrig., etc and emergency lighting. If in the path of the storm or near to it, light tarps, the bigger the better for roof damage, light sheets of plywood to fix of the windows(before the storm hits) and for afterward for any damaged windows. An outdoor cooking system is nearly a necessity, such as a butane cooking setup. Chainsaws, axes/hatchets, matches, raingear are very necessary.

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Q: What do you need in case of a hurricane?
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