What does a vacuole do in a cell?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The vacuole is a balloon like organelle where food,water,minerals and wastes may be stored.

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The vacuole of a cell stores waste products and water and also exports unwanted substances from the cell.

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Vacuole's are a place for storage such as water or enzymes.

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Q: What does a vacuole do in a cell?
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Where in the cell is the vacuole?

Vacuole is located within the cell. It is found in plant cell but little or no vacuole is found in animal cell

What cell has a vacuole?

The plant cell has a vacuole.

Is a vacuole a eukaryotic cell?

A vacuole is an organelle IN a Eukaryote cell

What does a vacuole of a plant cell do?

A vacuole stores materials in the cell.

What cell stores material within the cell?


What is in a leaf cell but not a root hair cell?

it is chloroplasm

What happens when a cell doesn't have a vacuole?

If the cell doesn't have a vacuole, the cell may explode.

Is Central vacuole a animal cell or plant cell?

The central vacuole is in the plant cell.

What is the the storage compartment of a cell?

The vacuole is the storage part of a cell

What does the vacuole function in the cell?

a vacuole is the part of a cell that stores water

What part of the cell is the vacuole found?

Vacuole is found in the cytoplasm of the cell.

Which organelle is large in a plant cell but small or absent in an animal cell?

Cell vacuole