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Snow does not make any sound. When you are outside on a snowy day, or when there is a lot of snow on the ground, what sounds are in the air seem to be dampened somewhat because the snow, being soft, tends to absorb the sound waves. But the actual snowflakes, being tiny and wet, do not impact anything or each other with enough force to set up sound-vibrations, thus creating any sound waves. And, without sound waves, there can be no sound. Have you ever heard the famous saying, if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, is sound created? Well, of course sound is created. It makes no difference if a sound is actually heard by someone for it to exist.

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As long as theres poor space. Even without poor space sound can travel through walls.

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Snow sounds like nothing. it is like rain, but less dense. Therefor if it gets winder than it makes a whistling noise.

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well if u step on it, it will sound like ice crunching and if it is phicicaly snowing it sond like lots of wind ad grains hitting each other.

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Q: What effect does snow have on sound?
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How does snow effect other sound?

Snow absorbs high frequenciies.

How do you explain the effect snowfalls have on sound?

Spiky or wavy surfaces have the effect of damping sound. Snow is spiky if you look through a microscope at it.

When was Effect of Snow on Petit-Montrouge created?

Effect of Snow on Petit-Montrouge was created in 1870.

Does sound travel fastest through snow or steam?

Snow because snow is a solid and steam is a Gas and science has shoe that sound travels fastest through solids

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Does sound travel faster through ice snow water or steam?

what does sound travel through fastest ice,snow,water,steam

Is the creaking sound produced by walking on snow is most common on old snow?

It is a crunching noise not a creaking sound. This noise occurs when walking/stepping on lying snow/ice because your weight is causing the snow/ice to compact itself therefore making a sound. Also I do not know what you mean by 'old snow'. Hope this helped, :) :L

What is the sound of your boots in the snow?

a crackling noise

How does air effect sound?

In vaccum there is no sound.

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