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Q: What element occurs in teeth and bones as calcium phosphate?
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Which element provides strength to bones?

Bones contain the element Calcium (Ca). It is not this element but compounds made out of this element that gives bones their strength. These compounds are calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate.

What substances are responsible for the strength of bones?

Collagen and Calcium phosphate

What does phrosrous do for bones?

It's an element in the main material of bones - calcium phosphate - but you don't want to become too closely involved with phosphorus on its own!

What does phosphor do to your bones?

Bones contain a calcium phosphate - the hydroxyapatite.

What is the main components of bones?

calcium phosphate

Are bones made out of keratin?

Bones are made from calcium phosphate and collagen.

Do skeletal muscles contain calcium phosphate?

No. Skeletal muscles contain creatine phosphate, not calcium phosphate. Unless a person has a disease, free or calcium phosphate would not be found in muscle tissue. Calcium phosphate is found in bones and teeth.

What do bones store that are important for the body?

calcium and phosphate

What are the minerals found in salt?

Calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate are found in bones .

How is made dicalcium phosphate?

Mixing solutions of calcium chloride and sodium phosphate calcium phosphate is obtained.

Name two nutrients your bones need and how do they help the bones?

Calcium and Phosphurus because bones are largely composed of Calcium phosphate.

What is the function of calcium in the skeletal system?

Calcium is important for your health because it contains an element that helps to strengthen your bones, fingernails and teeth and makes you less prone to getting chipped teeth and broken bones.