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Q: What element should be taken into consideration when making a public speech or presentation?
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Is chloride used in public water to kill bacteria?

Chlorine is a common chemical used to kill bacteria in U.S. public water systems.

Who is work was among the first to bring environmental concerns to the public attention?

whos work was among the first to bring environmental concerns to the public's attention?

Where is the Cold Bay Public Library in Cold Bay located?

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What responsibility do scientists have to share severe weather information with the public?

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When was Presentation Public School created?

Presentation Public School was created in 2000.

The public demand that businesses give proper consideration to consumer wants and needs in making its decisions is known as?


What are the best tips to follow when making a presentation?

There are several basic tips to making an effective professional presentation. There is a formula to making academic presentations. Know it and use it. Make good use of visual aids. Use personal examples. Explain the research. Stick to the time limit. And possibly the most important of all is practice. If one has never given a public presentation before, it is a good idea to tape a practice.

What qualities are required in a public servant?

There are many qualities needed in the public services some of which are; personal presentation, punctuality, time management, reliability, attendance, composure, attitude, personality and performance.Here are what these qualities mean and why they are so important in the public service.Personal Presentation-Personal presentation is when people take pride in there presentation and make sure that they are looking good and presentable. Personal presentation includes things like* Being clean shaven* Ensuring you do not smell* Ensuring you have levels of hygiene* Making sure your uniform is clean and well ironed* Making sure your shoes are clean and well polishedAll of these will ensure that you are well presentable.This is important in the police service because if you are an officer walking the streets then people want to be able to look at you and feel that you are approachable. This is only possible if you are well presented. If you are looking scruffy with your shirt unbuttoned at the top and no tie and muddy shoes then members of the public will feel that they can't approach you

What is the use of graphics in public speaking?

Graphics can be use in public speaking -- it can be an aid to help you with your presentation and to catch more attention from your audience.

What is a presentation on Howrse?

It is your public profile page where you introduce yourself and explain how you play your game.

What do you call someone who is always nervous doing a presentation?

Someone who is always nervous doing a presentation may be grouped with those who fear public speaking; thus, such a person might be called 'laliophobic' or 'glossophobic' (afraid of the spoken word, speaking, public speaking). More simply, if also less sophisticatedly, one could be called a 'presentation-fearer.'

What is verbal presentation?

It is speaking to someone, individual or a group. Oral presentation is Verbal Presentation. The more formal manner is Oral speech. But Verbal Speak is okay. Basically it is someone talking perhaps in public and may have notes to help them along the way.

Who has the responsibility for making nominations for public office?

Political parties are responsible for making nominations for public office.

What does subjudicious mean?

Law under judicial consideration and therefore prohibited from public discussion

What is the relationship between public opinion and policy-making?

Public opinion is views represented by the general public and policy making is adopted by the government. SO - public opinion can impact policy making in a positive or negative way, whether it is in your favor or not in your favor.

What is marketing presentation?

It is ideas and promotional ways to sell a product. You go in front of the people that make the decision with a skit or idea of how to sell a product to the mass public at its best possible way of making the best possible profit at the least cost, sometimes.