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yes they do :)

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Q: What episode in h20 just add water do Bella and will kiss?
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What H2O episode does Bella kiss will?

I know they kiss in espisode 23

Is Bella just hiding behind edward to kiss jacup?


After Bella Swan and Edward Cullen share a second kiss what happens to Bella?

after their FIRST kiss she like jumps into the kiss and after their SECOND kiss Bella faints :) -jackie_ily

Where do edward and Bella first kiss?

In Bella Swan's Bedroom. I Quote from Edward "I want to try something. stay very still" which is then followed by their first kiss.

Does Bella kiss Jacob after she gets married?

No, but in Eclipse Bella and Jacob kiss.

Does Edward Cullen kiss anyone before Bella?

Nope. Bella was his first kiss.

Why do Jacob and Bella kiss?

will first kiss will he just went for it and kiss her but Bella got mad. and other kiss is when he said i going out their and killing something to get homself kiss and Bella didn't know what do to to save him so she said kiss me . but he was not really going out their kill something just trick her to show her she did love him

What episode of south of nowhere does Spencer kiss Ashley?

At the end of the episode "What's Just Happened?"

What episode does maron and chiaki kiss?

They kiss in episode 16 and episode 33

In the twilight where was Bella and Edward's second kiss?

Edward and Bella kiss in New Moon again in New Moon in Bella's Birthday.

Does Bella like Jacobs kiss?

Your hot Bella

In new moon trailor you see Jacob and Bella kiss. But Its In Eclipse Where They Kiss.. I Dont Understand?

Jacob kisses Bella in new moon but Bella punches him in the face and brakes her hand and they kiss in eclipse too and Bella wants to kiss him thenNo that is soooooo not true they only kiss in Eclipse but they kiss twice trust i have read new moon they do NOT kiss