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Saw her on CNN today!

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Q: What happened to Indra Petersons pf ABC weather?
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What happened to Indra Peterson from ABC Channel 7 weather?

She is the meteorologist/weather person on New Day weekday mornings on CNN, as well as a reporter on that show.

How tall is Indra Peterson?

The meteorologist for CNN Indra Peterson has not listed her height. Indra has done stories of ABC World News Tonight and has traveled all over the world.

What happened to the weatherman on abc 15 phoenix 10p.m. news that always had a weather related question on mon. night?

He's now doing the weather in Chicago.

What is Tracy butler ABC weather salary?

The salary for Tracy Butler who reports the weather on ABC is not listed. Tracy Butler has been on the air with ABC 7 since 1995.

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When did ABC Wide World of Sports Boxing happen?

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The ABC Family series Twisted was cancelled on August 13, 2014, after its first season.

When did hurricane sandy form?

Per GMA (ABC) Weather on 10/24/2012

What are ABC 7 weather caster Tracy butler's measurements?

5'5' and 138 pounds

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Rod Young should Return to the ABC at ABC's Brisbane Southbank Studios and ABC News Queensland should be Presented by Karina Carvalho (News/Sport) and Rod Young (News) with Weather Presenter Jenny Woodward.

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