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If it hasn't been opened, the air particles inside gain kinetic energy, meaning that the bag will expand and eventually pop.

Then the sun's heat is transferred into the particles of the bag, and so the particles move apart, melting the bag. If extreme heat, the bag may face sublimation. (Looking at the particle matter through the particle theory of matter.)

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Q: What happens to a potato chip bag as it warms in the heat of the sun?
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What happens to a potato bag as it warms in the heat of sun?

The moisture from the inside of the chips evaporates causeing the bag to be moist and wet

What happens as the sun's heat warms the earth's surface?

The heat rises in the form of infrared radiation, which is easily captured by the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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What happens to the sun's heat in the greenhouse effect?

The sun's heat (ultraviolet radiation) warms the surface of the earth.Heat rises (infrared radiation) rises from the warm earth.Much of this heat is captured by greenhouse gases which become warm.This warmth makes the surrounding atmosphere warm.It also warms the surface of the earth even further.

What happens when you add heat to air in a balloon?

The air warms and expands, becoming lighter than the surrounding air, thus lifting the balloon.

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Mostly the sun. The sun's heat warms the earth. This heat, in the form of infra-red energy rises into the atmosphere where it is trapped by greenhouse gases. This greenhouse effect warms the atmosphere.

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the sun

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Heat energy

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The sun heats the surface of the Earth, and some of this heat goes into warming the air near the surface.

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