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i don't know that's why i am asking you!:):):(:D:U:O:I:>

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When the air and soil are dry, the stomata, usually located on the underside of leaves, contract and close. This allows the plant to retain moisture for longer and not dry out.

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Q: What happens to stomata when the soil an air are dry and how does this help the plant?
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What causes stomata to and close on a slide?

The soil around the plant is very dry

Why does the stomata of a plant open after the plant has been watered?

because of "transpiration" - the plant releases water vapor from the stomata, thus making underpressure in its vessels, thus the water gets sucked in to roots from the soil.

Where does the plant obtain carbon dioxide and water?

the roots of the plant absorb the water from the soil. the stomata in the leaves absorb carbon dioxide

What happens if one plant gets better soil then the other?

the plant with better soil will grow better

What happens to most of the nitrogen in plant when the plant died?

It goes back into the soil.

What happens when you water the plant with milk without soil?

the plant grows but not too well

What happens to most plants of the nitrogen in a plant when the plant dies?

It goes back into the soil.

What happens if a dog pees in a plant will it die?

It will if you do not change the soil

How do plants control their water supply?

by holding the soil in place with their roots

What happens when you water a plant with milk?

well supposedly milk is good for the plant soil but will stop the plant from sprouting. :)

How do leafs help the plant?

it ggive it food and soil

How do leafs help plant?

it ggive it food and soil