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Nitrates and phosphates are fertilizers, and therefore if you have too much of them in a pond, it will become choked with an excessive growth of algae.

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eutrophication. this is when fertilizers enter a lake and lower the oxygen content in the water making it unhabital for fish and other organisms that depend on oxygen for life.

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increased marine plant growth

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Q: What happens when there are too many nitrates and phosphates in a pond?
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What is eutrophication and how might this process bring change to a pond?

Eutrophication is the build up or pile up of all sorts of nutrients. Which is phosphates and nitrates(waste) of animals. Eutrophication can change the pond by making it healthier because a lot of animals keep feeding off of it while it keeps reproducing itself.

How Many home cleaning products contain phosphates. If wastewater containing excess phosphates drains into a pond the phosphates encourage the growth of algae. How might this change in a pond's ecosys?

other water plants might have less light to help them grow, some algae produce toxins, so the water could be poisoned, fish, like carp, that eat algae will have more food.

What role do microorganisms play in the pond-life?

they break down the nitrates and nitrites in the water

Why is having too many nitrates and nitrates in the soil is so bad?

Nitrates are a fertilizer, so when nitrates hit a pond or stream, the plants there could overtake and drain all the oxygen out of all the plants, so the plants will die. The animals living there are also affected, because for example, fish in the water could die if a water hyacinth gets nitrates because the fish in the water will not get any sunlight.

My pond holds 50 tons of fresh water for kois . Phosphate level measured was 8ppm from 2ppm amonth ago .What can cause the phosphate level in a pond water to increase?

Phosphates originate externally from decomposing organics, feeds or the water supply. They are not generated internally, however they can increase via rooted vegetation deriving existing phosphates from the sediments.

When a frog lays hundreds of eggs in a small pod what happens to the population of frogs in the pond Explain why?

When a frog lays hundreds of eggs in a small pond what happens to the population of frogs in the pond

What happens to the pond if weeds grow?

Normally, in that scenario, weeds grow around the pond.

When a frog lays eggs in a small pond what happens to the population of frogs in the pond?

it's start to increase by egg

What happens to the solubility of oxygen in a pond as the pond decreases temperature?

Oxygen solubility in water is strange and does not follow "normal" solubility rules along with many other gases. The solubility increases as temperature decreases.

Can you give me a sentence with word pond?

Fishes swam merrily under the surface of the pond.

What happens to a pond where there is no fish in it and there is litter in the pond?

Possible Answer: The pond will be begin filling due to the absence of fish. Sediment will fill the pond; Shallow areas will begin filling and plants will slowly begin growing closer to the center of the pond. What is left of the pond will become wetland or marsh or a swamp.

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