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an earth quake

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Q: What happens when two Tectonic plates bump into each other?
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What kind of plates bump into each other?


What happens when two tectonic plates pull away from each other?

a volcano forms and also when they bump into each other a volcano can form or an earthquake can form also

How earthquake is generated?

When two or more tectonic plates bump up or slide past each other.

Do earthquakes and volcanoes strike in heavily populated areas?

not necessarily, they strike on the fault lines of tectonic plates, when the plates bump into each other, they create volcanoes or earthquakes

What happens when two plates bump into each other?

Plate tectonics is responsible for many things including the formation of volcanoes and islands. When two plates bump into each other an earthquake can occur.

Is an earthquake created by tectonic plates?

An earthquake IS caused by the movement of the plates under the ocean. And there is one active site which is known as "The Ring of Fire". +++ The "Ring of Fire" is a whole set of active sites right round the Pacific Ocean, above the subductions of the sea-floor plates below the surrounding continents.

Why do most earthquakes happen near tectonic plates?

The whole of Earth's surface is split up into blocks known as tectonic plates, so in that respect, earthquakes have to happen near tectonic plates! The majority of large earthquakes actually happen near tectonic plate boundaries.This is because the tectonic plates are in motion, and move (very slowly) in various directions. When they collide with each other or slide past each other, stress or pressure can build up leading to earthquakes. The majority of this pressure develops at the boundaries of the plates as this is where they bump into or slide past each other and so this is where the majority of earthquakes occur.For more information on earthquakes, please see the related question.

How does the continental drift form?

Continental drift is what happens when the Earth's plates shift either towards or away from the other plates. Earthquakes occur when two of the plates bump into each other. It happens when the magma from within the Earth rises up and pushes the plates, due high pressure they pose. That's the best I can do.

What might happen when two plates bump into each other?

Earthquakes could happen if 2 plates bump into each other. This is because there is a lot of energy in this reaction.

Why do plates cause an earthquake?

as the tectonic plates shift, bump into, pull apart or grind past each other they create vast amounts of pressure. this pressure is released in small or very large jolts that cause the disturbances we call earthquakes.

Why do earthquakes occur along north America's pacific coast?

Because that is where the two tectonic plates that 'carry' the American continent and the Pacific ocean respectively bump and grind against each other.

Boundary type where plates bump into each other?

coliding boundary

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