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What conclusion are you asking about?

Restate the main points and leave the writer with something to think about.

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your thesis statement

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Q: What important element must be included in your conclusion?
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What must a conclusion state?

A conclusion must state how someone solved its problem.

What must be true of a conclusion of a controlled experiment?

A conclusion must show that the hypothesis is correct

What must you add to iron to make mild steel?

The important element to add is chromium.

What sentence in the conclusion paragraph is the clincher in?

the first one, where you should restate your thesis statement.

In a conclusion to a music essay what is a good summary?

Nobody can write your conclusion for you! You must decide for yourself what important points you raised in your own essay. Click on the related questions for more information about conclusions.

What is the conclusion to the rocking horse winner?

"There must be more money! There must be more money!"

What is a conclusion about?

The conclusion must mean the same as the introduction but cannot be exactly the same

What must be included in an AP projecion of the forearm?

When performing an AP projection of the forearm, it is important to have both radius and ulna in view. It is important that the radius and ulna be on the same plane.

What do you think must be done if a conclusion does not support a hypothesis?

The experiment must be redone and checked for potential errors; does the conclusion of the experiment continuously disprove the hypothesis, the latter must be changed to fit.

What is aristotle's definition of plot?

Aristotle defined plot as the more important element of drama. It must have a beginning, middle, and end. The events of the plot must be related and believable.

What kind of conclusion should a good question for a research essay produce?

It must lead to a definitive conclusion

In good arguments of this sort the conclusion necessarily follows or must follow from the premises.a) Deductiveb PropositionscInductivedTrue?