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lime water :)

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Q: What is Calcium hydroxide solution?
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Is an aqueous solution of calcium hydroxide acidic or basic?

This solution is basic.

What is the pH of a solution that is 0.15m in calcium hydroxide?


How could you show lime water is a solution of a base?

limewater is a solution of calcium hyroxide and calcium hydroxide is a base.

Which base is presant in lime water?

Lime water is a solution of calcium hydroxide and so is basic. It has nothing to do with the fruit.

How can limewater be made from calcium carbonate?

limewater is a solution of calcium hydroxide. This is produced by the hydration of calcium oxide

Why aqueous solution of oxide of calcium is basic?

because when it is dissolved in water calcium hydroxide is formed

Is drain cleaner a calcium hydroxide acid?

Drain cleaner is sodium hydroxide in solution, which is a powerful base.

What is the solid calcium hydroxide solution sometimes called?

Lime water.

Is lime water is base or acid?

It is a base as it is a solution of calcium hydroxide.

A precipitate will be formed when an aqueous carbonic acid solution is added to an aqueous solution of?

calcium hydroxide

What is another name for a basic solution that is named after a metallic family?

If you mean a basic solution that has a metal in its formula, it is usually just _ hydroxide. Example: Ca(OH)2 is a basic solution and its name is CALCIUM hydroxide (calcium is the metal). Mg(OH)2 -> Magnesium hydroxide etc.

Why calcium is obtained by electrolysis of molten calcium chloride rather than its solution?

if done in water solution, the extracted calcium would immediately react with the water to form calcium hydroxide.