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the average temperature of mars in Celsius is -55 degrees to +70 degrees.

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Q: What is Mars' temperature in degrees Celsius?
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What is the temperature on Mars in degrees Celsius?

The mean temperature on Mars is -65 degrees Celsius.

What is the temerature in Mars?

Temperature of Mars: Lowest: -83 degrees Celsius Average: -67 degrees Celsius Highest: 20 degrees Celsius

Mars average temperature?

Mars' average temperature is 36 degrees Celsius

What is average temperature of Mars?

The average temperature of Mars is -67 degrees Celsius.

How warm is planet mars?

The minimum recorded surface temperature on the planet Mars is -87 degrees celsius, the maximum is 40 degrees celsius. The mean temperature is -46 degrees celsius.

What planet's temperature range from -13 degrees Celsius to 37 degrees Celsius?


What is the maximum temperature on mars?

15 degrees celsius

Which planet has the closest temperature of the earth?

Mars. The temperature there can vary between 20 degrees Celsius and -140 degrees Celsius.

What is the surface tempure of mars?

The average surface temperature on Mars is 20 degrees Celsius at noon at the equator. At the poles, the temperature drops down to -153 degrees Celsius.

What is the temperature and composition of Mars?

The nighttime temperature on Mars is extremely cold. The average daytime temperature is -23 degrees celsius.

What is the mean temperature of Mars?

The mean temperature of Mars is −55 degrees Celsius, or -67 degrees Fahrenheit. It can reach as high as 68 degrees Fahrenheit at the equator.

What is mars' average nightime temperature?

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. Its average temperature is -50 degrees Celsius. Its nighttime temperature is approximately -60 degrees Celsius and the air reaches 100 percent humidity.

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