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Green Living?

Common Sense?

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Q: What is Using bio fuels instead of fossil fuels because bio fuels are renewable is an example of?
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Using biofuels instead of fossil fuels because biofuels are renewable is an example ofhing?

Green design

Why is wind power energy helpful?

It helps us because it uses a renewable resource instead of a fossil fuel

Where can renewable energy resources be used instead of fossil fuels?

What is an example of a renewable fossil fuel?

Fossil fuels are NOT renewable. Fossil fuels are made from dead animals, trees and sea creatures, which died millions of years ago.

Is hydrogen a fossil fuel?

Hydrogen is not a fossil fuel because it is renewable. Sources of energy that are non-renewable are considered fossil fuels

How could you stop fossil fuels running out?

Stop using them. Instead use renewable alternatives.

Is fossil fuels a renewable or non renewable?

Fossil fuels are a non-renewable energy source.

What is the best reason to use a renewable source instead of relying on fossil fuels?

Renewable energy sources don't add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

Are fossil fuels considered renewable?

Yes coal, oil and natural gas are non-renewable fossil fuels because it takes a long time to make them, millions of years.Yes, fossil fuels are nonrenewable because it takes million of years of fossil fuel to form.

Is fossil fuel renewqble?

Fossil fuels are not considered renewable because it takes millions of years for them to form.

Why is sun is a renewable resource?

The sun is considered a renewable resource because it will continue to produce reusable energy forever. Fossil fuels aren't renewable because they are finite.

How can you reduce the amount of CO2 that enters the atmosphere?

Use renewable energy instead of burning fossil fuel.