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Q: What is a form of oxygen that is a pollutant in the trophosphere?
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In which layer is oxygen content the highest?


How do you find out the facts to the ozone layer?

Ozone is a triatomic form of oxygen molecule. It is a pollutant at ground level.

Is Nitrogen oxide a primary or secondary pollutant?

secondary pollutant. deals with oxygen in air

Is oxygen-demanding waste a biological pollutant?


What is the pollutant formed from nitrogen?

Nitrogen Oxide is formed from Nitrogen when it is mixed with Oxygen. The word equation for the formation of this pollutant is N2 + O2 ----> 2NO (Nitrogen + Oxygen -----> Nitrogen Oxide)

What is a Triatomic molecule which is an allotrope of oxygen and an air pollutant?


How are the properties of ozone and oxygen different?

Oxygen and ozone are completely different in properties. Ozone is a pollutant on breathing, while oxygen is not.

Why marpol annex 3 marine pollutant?

Marpol Annex 3 is a marine pollutant because it prevents the aquatic life from absorbing oxygen.

What is considered both an air pollutant and a beneficial chemical?

cabon dioide and oxygen

Does asbestos form a secondary pollutant?

Asbestos does not form secondary pollutants. It is a chemically inert fiber.

What is the layer of the atmosphere that you live in?


What layer is Mount Everest in?