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This is known as a joint.

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Q: What is a fracture in a rock in which no appreciable movement has occurred known as?
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What is a fracture in rock along which there has been no movement?

This is known as a joint.

What are fractures in rocks where movement occurrs?

A fault is a fracture in the rocks where movement occurs.

What is a crack in the rock of the Earth where movement has occurred?

A crack in the earth's crust would more correctly be termed a discontinuity (this may also be known as a fracture or fissure). A discontinuity on which relative movement has occurred is known as a fault.

What is a crack in crustal rock called?

Cracks in rocks of the crust are known broadly as discontinuities. If there is relative movement of the rocks on the two sides of the crack, then it is known as a fault. If there is not then it is known as a joint.

What organ is NOT known to synthesize glycogen in any appreciable amounts?

Someone answer this please.

A fracture or break in a bone that runs parallel with the bone is known as a?

longitudinal fracture

What type of injury involves an open wound where the bone has torn through the skin?

Open Fracture formerly known as a compound fracture.

What type of fracture is known when a bone is protruding from a casualty lower arm?

Compound fracture .

What is a break in a body of rock?

A fracture.

What is closed or nondisplaced fracture?

Calcaneal fractures, also known as Lover's fracture and Don Juan fracture, are a fracture of the calcaneus or heel. A Nondisplaced calcaneus fracture is a stable fracture where the broken ends of the bones meet up correctly and are aligned.

When a bone is splintered or crushed this is known as?

a splintered or crushed bone is called a compression fracture.

What is a hairline fracture?

A hairline hip fracture, also known as a stress fracture, can be one of the hardest fractures to diagnose. You would experience a great deal of pain when any pressure is placed on the leg in which the hip fracture is located.