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impermeable rock

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Q: What is a rock that stops the flow of water?
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Is a rock permeable if it stops the flow of water?


What layer of rock that ground water cannot flow through?

Bed rock is the layer of rock through which ground water cannot flow.

Where do erode rocks go?

What happens to pieces of rock that are carried along by wind, moving ice, or moving water? A fast wind eventually slows down. A glacier stops moving and eventually melts at its front end and sides. All streams eventually slow down and end when they flow into a large body of water, such as a lake or ocean. When water stops moving, it also stops moving, it also stops carrying along bits and pieces of rock are dropped

What is a bib tap?

A bib tap is a plumbing part. This is what allows the water to flow when you turn on your faucet and is what stops the water flow when it is turned off.

What is a layer of rock that allow water to flow through?

A porous and permeable rock will allow water to pass through. Rocks layers that allow the flow of water may be described as an aquifer.

How much water is to flow through rock?

10ppm of copper what mass of this rock must water flow. 10/10^6=2000/x=2E8 kg

What are the effects of wildlife degradation on the environment?

Beavers build dams that stop the flow of water. When this happens, the wildlife in rivers suffer because the flow of water stops.

What role does impermeable rock play in the uks water supply?

It stops the flow of water, which can be useful so it can be collected, and also, u searched that up from the mgs geography revision sheet right. Thats why i searched it too, lol

How does water help change rock into soil?

Water can flow into cracks in the rock, then freeze, expand, and crack the rock. This is part of the erosion process.

Which agent can create an opening in rock formation over time?

ice flow my niga

What do you leave dripping when freezing?

A cold faucet. A minimal water flow stops the water from freezing and allows for ice to expand.

What is a Rock that does not allow water to flow through is called what?

the impermeable layer