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Special thick warm socks with hiking boots, preferably waterproofed hiking boots.

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Q: What is a substitute for snow boots in winter?
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What is another term for a snow boots?

winter boots or ugg boots

What is another name for a snow boot?

winter boots or ugg boots

What are snow boots used for?

keep warm in winter

When can you wear boots?

Any time I want, I will wear snow boots in winter, and cowboy boots in summer

What advantages do snow boots provide over other types of shoes in winter?

Snow boots have the benefit of added width and traction. This allows the individual with the boots to walk with surer footing along the snow, ice, sleet, or whatever else winter has to offer.

What are some of the popular styles of snow boots for young girls?

Classic style snow boots were you sweet show people, in the cold winter can ... snow boots with a beret more people to think that this young and lively girl. ... Snow boots are generally divided into boots and short boots, following this method you can find popular style snow boots in good quality.

Why would one need winter boots during this season?

One needs boots for the winter season since it is cold outside, and it snows a lot. The boots will keep a persons feet warm when going out side either to play in the snow or to wipe the snow off of a vehicle. Wearing boots in the winter is great to keep snow and water from melting snow from getting inside and soaking through shoes.

Why would one use boots in the winter?

Boots are shoes that are most frequently worn in the winter in order to protect feet from cold temperatures and wet snow. Other types of boots include hiking boots.

Where is a good place to buy womens snow boots?

Women's snow boots are available in almost all shoe stores during the winter time. Women's snow boots can be bought locally at Payless Shoes, Old Navy, Macys, and JCPenney

What kind of clothes do you need to wear to Antarctica?

snow pants,snow boots,winter coat,underwear,warm socks

Can your snow boots get wet?

Yes your snow boots get wet because when they crush the snow, the snow turns into water, and the water goes on your boots.

Can you use combat boots as snow boots?

Yes, combat boots can be used as snow boots. The ACU boots will work, but not as well as BDU boots.

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