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Q: What is a warm humid air that rises into the cloud?
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How would you describe the cloud formation?

Clouds form when warm, humid air rises and cools to it's dew point.

Thunderstorms Form When warm humid air rises?

unstable environment

Thunderstorms form when warm humid air rises in .?

unstable environment

What causes a cloud to form?

Clouds are form because humid air rises upward.

When saturated air is warmed?

When saturated air is warm, it creates an unstable air mass. As the moisture content rises, the humidity rises as well. This can lead to warm and humid conditions.

What is the cause of cloud formation along a cold front?

As the cold front advances, the colder air lifts the warm moist air ahead of it. The air cools as it rises and the moisture condenses to produce clouds and precipitation ahead of and along the cold front.rising warm humid air

If clouds are made of water how is it that they float?

The temperature inside the cloud is warmer than that around the cloud. Warm air rises, and the cloud stays 'floating'

What happen when air warm up?

Typically it rises, but if a very large layer of cold air is above it it may get trapped, resulting in an inversion.

What is the primary requirement for the formation of thunderstorms?

Warm, humid air which rises in an unstable environment. Often, this happens as a cold front sweeps into a warm, humid region, driving up the warm, moist air into a region where it quickly condenses due to temperature and pressure changes.

What type of cloud forms when warm moist air overrides a layer of cool air?

Stratus and nimbostratus clouds are found where warm and humid air is lifted over cooler air ahead of a front.

What is cloud made of?

a cloud is a collection of millions of tiny water droplets or ice crystals .clouds form as warm air rises and cools

At what temperature does cumulonimbus clouds form?

It depends on the temperature of the air around the cloud. A cumulus cloud is formed by warm air rising into a layer of cooler air, so the base of the cloud will be warmer and the air will get colder toward the top of the cloud. If water vapor condenses out of the air as it rises in the cloud, this will warm up the air in the middle of the cloud.