What is agrochemical?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An agrochemical is any chemical used in farming. Agrochemicals include nutrients for the soil like fertilizer and other chemicals for killing pests that can damage crops. Anhydrous Ammonia is an agrochemical used to treat a farmer's field before planting.

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The definition of agrochemical is a chemical that is used in agriculture. A couple examples of agrochemicals are pesticides and fertilizers.

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Q: What is agrochemical?
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When was Agrochemical F.C. created?

Agrochemical F.C. was created in 1989.

What is an agrochemical?

An agrochemical is a chemical compound which improves the production of crops, or a compound derived from farmed plants.

What are the common agrochemical intermediates?

There are many kinds of agrochemical intermediates, such as Codex 3315, DETC, and Phosphorus Trichloride.

Is pesticide agrochemical?

Agro chemical is a manufacturer with their own line

Photos descripction of effect of agrochemical in farmland?

what is the effects of the agrochemicals in the farmland

What does Te naa naa mean?

Naa-na plant growth regulator (agrochemical)

What has the author Ross Dyer written?

Ross Dyer has written: 'The United Kingdom agrochemical sector'

Where do you purchase imidacloprid?

Jiangsu Changqing Agrochemical Co.,Ltd China TEL: +86 0514-86923990

What is Bavistin?

An agrochemical with Carbendasm as active ingredient. Formulation - Wettable Powder Used against fungal diseases It is a fungicide.

What is an agrichemical?

An agrichemical is another word for an agrochemical, a chemical compound which improves the production of crops, such as a hormone, fungicide, or insecticide.

What is agrochemical and its economic important?

agrichemical is a construction of agricultural chemical, a generic term of various chemical product used in agriculture

What are application of chemistry in fertilizer?

Fertilizers are products of the chemical industry. Also application of fertilizers is based on the agrochemical knowledge of cultivated soils.