What is an aquitard?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you are talking about science, then an aquitard is an impervious layer of clay, silt, or rock that will not allow the water to pass through it fast enough to be used as a water supply.

Geological formation that may contain groundwater but is not capable of transmitting significant quantities of it under normal hydraulic gradients. May function as confining bed.

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An aquitard is animpermeablelayer, such as clay or shale, that restricts the flow of water from one side to the other. Aquitards can separate aquifers from each other andeffetelyshield a clean aquifer from a contaminated aquifer.

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Q: What is an aquitard?
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How does Aquitard affect the movement of water underground?

An aquitard is an impermeable lump of rock or clay. It does not allow water to flow through it which means that it blocks the water sending it to another destination.

What do mean by the term aquitard?

An Aquitard is a zone within the earth that restricts the flow of groundwater from one aquifer to another.

What is the typical composition of an aquitard in Michigan?


How is an aquifer different from an aquitard?

aquifer-is a wet underground layer of water-bearing permeable rock or unconsolidated materials (gravel, Sand, silt, or clay) from which groundwater can be usefully extracted using a water well. WHILE Aquiclude-An impermeable body of rock or stratum of sediment that acts as a barrier to the flow of groundwater

Is an aquitard porous or impermeable?

it has to be impermeable so it can line the aquifer without letting water straight through

What are examples of aquitards?

An example of a aquitard could be Clay. Nothing can get through it. If something were to get through it, it would take a long time.

What are springs?

A Spring is a flow of groundwater that emerges naturally at the ground surface. A spring forms when an aquitard blocks downward movement of groundwater and forces it to move laterally.

How does gravity effect percolation?

Percolation affects the movement underground because, when the water is passing through it dissolves all salt and minerals.

Highly impermeable layers such as compacted clay or shale are known as?

Highly impermeable layers such as clay or shale are referred to as an aquitard. While permeable sand and limestone that can transmitt large amounts of water to a well are referred to as an aquifer.

What is the difference between an aquifer and an aquitard?

There really is no practical difference. The water table is what you are able to access, through a well, distance to water. The aquifer is the geologic formation that you are accessing. Like the Edwards or Ogalla, one is practical, the other is geologic.

Explain operation of solar water pump?

A solar water pump, is basically like any other pump, accept that it is powered by a battery. Solar Panels use photovoltaic cells to charge the batteries, which in turn charge the pump. Water is then pumped from either an underground well, aquifer, or even aquitard. That water can be pumped, depending on the power level, to the surface or to a reservoir tower that feeds a system of pipes.

What is the bedrock below an aquifer called?

The bedrock below an aquifer is called the water table. For example if a hole is dug into sand, very wet and saturated sand at shallow depth this would represent the aquifer and the level to which the water rises in this hole would be called the water table.