What is an inorganic rock?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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Something not man made, made by nature. I'm a college professor at Mcallie. I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Q: What is an inorganic rock?
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What does inorganic rock mean?

it means a rock is not organic

Is schist inorganic or organic?

It is an igneous (volcanic) rock. Never has been alive. Inorganic.

Is coal an inorganic rock?

No. Coal is an organic sedimentary rock.

Is moon rock inorganic?

Yes. Moon rock is similar to volcanic rock on Earth.

Is igneous rock a organic material?

It is Inorganic.

Is pumice inorganic?

Yes. Pumice is inorganic. It is a glassy volcanic rock made mostly of silicates.

Is rock a nonliving thing or not?

Rock, of any kind, is inorganic and is non-living.

What makes up the inorganic part of soil?

rock and mineral particles make up the inorganic part of soil

Which inorganic sedimentary rock has the biggest size sediments?


What is a mineral and what is a rock?

A mineral is naturally occurring inorganic matter. a rock is 2 or more minerals combined

What make up different organic rocks?

Rock is inorganic, not organic.

Is a crystal a rock or a minaral?

surely a mineral, but it maybe organic or inorganic.