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The greenhouse effect is the natural process by which greenhouse gases keep the earth's temperature at a comfortable level suitable for human existence. The enhanced greenhouse effect is the increase in greenhouse gases that is leading to global warming.

The term "enhanced greenhouse effect" is also referred to as the "anthropogenic greenhouse effect" and is the idea that humans may have an effect on global climate. It is also referred to as the "runaway greenhouse effect".

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Q: What is another name for enhanced greenhouse effect?
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Is Greenhouse Effect is the name for the gradual raising of the temperature of the lower atmosphere of the Earth?

No. Enhanced global warming is the current slang for this situation. Man induced global warming is another term used.

What is the other name for the greenhouse effect?

There really is no other term for the effect of greenhouse gases besides the greenhouse effect.Other associated terms for what the effects cause include:Global WarmingGlobal Climate ChangeClimate ChangeGreenhouse Gas Effect

What are the most important greenhouse gases?

There are many gases which contribute to the greenhouse effect. Some have a more potent effect than others. The following are considered to be greenhouse gases; the number after the name indicates the equivalent greenhouse gas effect compared to the carbon dioxide effect (the principal man-made greenhouse gas):Water vaporCarbon dioxide

What is the name of the effect that causes the warming of the atmosphere because of trapped heat from the sun?

The Greenhouse Effect.

What is the name of the process that traps greenhouse gases inside the earth?

Kind of guessing, but I think its called the Greenhouse Effect.

The name of the process by which the atmosphere traps infrared rays is the?

Greenhouse effect

Is greenhouse effect is the other name of global warming?

soil erosion

What gases cause the greenhouse effect?

Any gas which has at least three atoms can be a greenhouse gas. Only they can absorb infrared radiation.The following are the main greenhouse gases. The number after the name indicates the equivalent greenhouse gas effect compared to carbon dioxide (the principal man-made greenhouse gas):Water vapor (H2O) = ?Carbon dioxide (CO2) = 1Methane (CH4) = 21Nitrous oxide (N2O) = 298Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) = 22,200Chlorinated fluorocarbons (CFCs) = 1000 to 9000Water vapor and Carbon dioxide are largely responsible for the natural greenhouse effect, which has kept the planet warm for millions of years.Carbon dioxide, Methane, N2O, SF6 and CFCs are responsible for the enhanced greenhouse effect which is causing global warming.

What is the name of the greenhouse gas which destroys another greenhouse gas?

CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) destroy ozone.

What is the meaning of Greenhouse in 'greenhouse effect'?

A greenhouse, or a glasshouse in a garden keeps the air inside warmer. Gardeners use greenhouses to grow fruit etc in cold climates. It gives its name to the greenhouse effect because greenhouse gases retain the sun's heat and keep the earth warm.

What is the name for the effect that is produced when warm air near earths surface bends light rays?

greenhouse effect

What is the name given to the effect of atmospheric gases absorbing the heat rising from the earth and radiating it back to the earth?

Greenhouse Effect

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