What is ligthing?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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žLightning is caused by the build up of electrostatic charge in clouds
Lightning is caused by the build up of electrostatic charge in clouds
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Light is a from of energy.

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Q: What is ligthing?
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Evidence on why ligthing never strikes the same place twice a myth?

its a myth because i was struck by lightning three times in the same spot in 25 seconds. read about it in my book "Struck by lightning" by Stephen Person

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WHY is it placed on top of the building the ligthing rod?

Because lightning is always attracted to the highest points. Lightning rods are attached to long, insulated cables which lead down to the ground - and are anchored deep in the earth. Placing a lightning conductor at the very top of a building, almost guarantees that any strike will be conducted safely down to earth.

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MCD is short for millicandela But the convertion to other ligthing unit is not simple There is no definitive answer. A millicandela rating is determined by an on-axis measurement of peak intensity at a specific current, not by measuring total light output. Since the light emitted by a diffused LED is spread over a wide viewing angle, the on-axis value may actually be less than a non-diffused LED from which all light output is concentrated in a narrow beam. Thus the total light output of a 20 mcd LED may be greater than that of a 100 mcd LED though the on-axis reading is less. This link provides a wizard to help you

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How does lightning from a cloud?

The cloud has an upper part that has a positive charge and a lower part that has a negative charge. The electrons in the ground move away from the cloud because like charges repel. This causes the electrons from the cloud to jump to the ground quickly in an effort to make the ground neutral, this is what creates lightning, kind of like a spark. Hope this helps :DIn cloud to ground lightning, it may seem that lightning strikes in a downward direction because of how quickly it happens, however, this is actually inaccurate.By law, negative charges reside at the bottom of a storm cloud.Positive charges reside at the top of a storm cloud.If there is enough electrical energy within the storm cloud, a single negatively charged particle (electron) will emerge from the cloud and begin heading towards the ground. This is called a "stepped leader".On the ground, positive charges begin building up below the stepped leader and since opposite charges attract each other, these positive charges begin heading up to meet the negative stepped leader.When they connect to each other, a channel is established and more electrons begin flowing downward.Next a "return stroke" of positive charges flow up this channel and create the bright flash we see as lightning.

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