What is northwest monsoon?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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A monsoon is a seasonal reversing wind accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation. The northwest monsoon draws cold, dry air from icy Siberia, China and Japan, bringing heavy rainfall to the area.

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Southwest Monson-prevails during May to October the wind in Australia flows from southeast direction going to the equator....

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Q: What is northwest monsoon?
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What do you mean by northwest monsoon?


What is the meaning of hanging amihan?

hanging amihan is the wind that known as the northwest monsoon

When is monsoon season in Malaysia?

There are two monsoon seasons: the southwest (late May to September) and the northwest (November to March)

Differentiate southeast monsoon from northeast monsoon?

southest monsoon - or the wet monsoon. It is known in the Philippines as hanging habagat and northeast monsoon or dry monsoon . It is known in the Philippines as hanging amihan.

What is breaking of monsoon?

arrival of monsoon is also termed as breaking of monsoon..!!

What is breaking monsoon explain?

the breaking of monsoon is also known as arrival of monsoon.

What is an example of a sentence using the word monsoon?

I want to have the irrigation system upgraded before the monsoon season arrives.

What is Tagalog of southwest monsoon?

Tagalog of southwest monsoon = Timog kanlurang habagat

How long is a monsoon?

Monsoon season can be different depending on where you live. The average monsoon season is between two and three months.

What is a wind called that blows from southeast to northwest?

A zephyr can refer to a westerly wind or a light breeze

What is northwest monsoon and southwest monsoon?

WIND SYSTEMNorthwest Monsoon also known as "hanging amihan" draws"cold, dry air from icy Siberia, China and Japan.Southwest Moon known as "hanging habagat" draw insteadof LOW PRESSURE center over India andPakistan.shareBY: M a r i a C h r ì s t i n a N a y r e ♥Ü

Is monsoon a compound?

No, monsoon is not a compound word.