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What produced by volcanic outgasing is carbon dioxide and water vapor. The water vapor condensed to form part of Earth's oceans as the surface cooled.

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The main gases released by volcanic activity are carbon dioxide, water vapor, and sulfur compounds such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.

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Q: What is produced by volcanic outgassing?
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What single factor explains why the planet should have active tectonics and volcanism and an atmosphere produced by volcanic outgassing?

The large size of the terrestrial planet

What volcanic process most likely formed Earth's atmosphere?


The first major source of oxygen gas was?

Volcanic Outgassing :D

What was not produces in volcanic outgassing?

Oxygen (This is the correct answer, not sulfur)

Why did the giant ice caps in the Paleozoic era melt?

Volcanic outgassing increased the greenhouse effect.Increased greenhouse effect

What is responsible for changing liquid water to water vapor?

its responsible to balance the environment

What is outgassing?

What is "outgassing"

How do we get CO2 into the air?

CO2 is produced from the poisonous smoke from cars, factories etc. Natural sources of atmospheric carbon dioxide include from volcanic outgassing, the combustion of organic matter, while aerobic respiration, burning of fossil fuels etc.

What is a possible explanation for why the giant ice caps that covered a supercontinet in the paleozoic era melted?

volcanic outgassing increased the greenhouse effect

Three reasons that earth was hot when it formed?

1. High constintrations of hyrdrogen and helium, 2. Frequent volcanic eruptions, 3. Outgassing.

Where is The greatest amount of volcanic material is produced at?

The greatest volume of volcanic material is produced by fissure eruptions.

How were gases in the earth's atmosphere produced?

During the process of outgassing, volcanic eruptions emitted the gases that founded the primitive atmosphere.